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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Podcast 的可爱图标

[blog.forret.com]: Podcast icons: what's available

sourcepodcast feedpodcast file
Tim MaddenPodcast logo - dark grey
Podcast feed - pink
more ...
Podcast file - light brown
Kristopher SmithPodcast logo - brick red
Podcast logo - yellow
more ...
Michael LevinPodcast feed - with iPod
Peter Forret (me ;-)Podcast feed - Feedburner Smartcast
iPodderPodcast feed - iPodder
Dave Winer Podcast file - radio.weblogs.com
Ross Rader Podcast file

Update Dec-03:
with MP3/WMA/RM specified in the icon
Podcast feed - MP3 files
Podcast feed - WMA files
Podcast feed - RealMedia files
pochoirs.dePodcast feed - RSS
grandforkscity.comPodcast feed - RSS
ipodderx.comPodcast feed - RSS
Podcast feed - RSS

Update Dec-22:
Ross Barber
Sound file icon in ShockWave,
with integrated player (Nice one!)
Flash icon

Update Jan-08:
Doppler RadioDoppler Logo 3
Doppler Logo 2
Doppler Logo 1

Update Jan-22:
Peter Forret via
Kalsey Button-Maker
MP3 podcast
RAM podcast
WMA podcast
OGG podcast

Update Jan-23:
sparks.blogmatrix.comBlogmatrix red
Blogmatrix grey

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