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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

关于 iPod nano 你需要知道的事……

All Things iPod nano

All Things iPod nano

Jeremy Horwitz


First-Generation iPod nano - 2GB/4GB

iPod nano (2GB/4GB) Review (iLounge rating: A-/B+): Our comprehensive review of the iPod nano, featuring information on the device, audio quality, battery life, new accessories, old compatible and incompatible accessories, and more.

iPod nano Unpack Photo Gallery: Check out our incredible iPod nano photo gallery, including full shots of the box opening process, close-ups of the various components, and comparisons against other iPods.

Super First Look: iPod nano: Published shortly after the iPod nano’s introduction, this First Look features additional photographs not found in the final review.

iPod nano Unveiled: the Photo Gallery: See firsthand the introduction of the iPod nano at Apple’s Special Event in San Francisco, California, September, 2005.

iPod nano Links of General Interest

Picking the Right iPod for You: Download iLounge’s Free iPod Book for help in picking the best iPod for your personal needs and budget.

iLounge Discussion Forums: iPod nano General Discussion, iPod nano Problems, and much more.

Check the Reviews section for the an up-to-date list of iPod nano cases and accessories reviewed.

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